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What Oscar is to the film industry is what OSCA represents in the field of corporate interior design. Here at Onestop Creative Associate or OSCA for short, our role is to transform your office into the most creative in Asia, through the use of fresh and innovative interior design styles and concepts. We work to maximise client satisfaction, bringing to life your design goals and aspirations for a distinct office space that embodies your company’s ethos and is inclusive to all. 

Given that an average office worker spends about 90,000 hours in the workplace, the relationship between a well-thought-out design plan and employee morale cannot be underestimated. Before getting down to planning your office renovation, you want to consider the purpose behind it – whether it is due to the current office space not reflecting your corporate identity or the absence of a conducive environment is affecting employee satisfaction. Whatever your reason may be, the point remains that a well-designed office can go a long way towards cultivating a productive workforce.


Office design is crucial for enhancing your brand and core values, and more importantly to reflect the nature of your business. More so when you have clients or business partners who visit your office. Thus, it is important to have a unique and comfortable office design that would imprint in everyone's memory. Our minimalist office interior design also help to improve the well-being of employees.

Our award-winning office Interior Design Company Singapore and Renovation Service has been engaged by multiple big firms across Asia and globally ensuring quality in modern office design for clients. Trust us to take care of your minimalist office design needs. We will assist you in the entire Renovation Process starting from design planning, choosing a colour scheme, layout, furnishing and so on. With over 10 years of experience of designing workspace for different industries such as Tech Startup Office Design or Luxury Office Interior Design, we have a clear understanding of different needs.

OSCA is a one-stop interior designer firm dedicated to helping our cliens carve out their dream office through a variety of distinct styles and the effective use of space. From contemporary chic to sleek minimalist and modern luxury, we design with clients' requiements in mind, whilst also factoring in the comfort and wellbeing of employees. 

Speak to us today to discuss your design objective or to learn more about the services we offer. 


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The concept of office design goes beyond beautifying a workplace with decorative elements for aesthetic pleasure. It is first and foremost about representing your company brand and conveying the nature of your business to the masses. From employees to clients and business partners, anyone that steps foot into a workplace should able to glean from the design what the business all about. What you are ultimately looking for a distinct office that strikes a lasting impression on visitors, with the comfort and functionality to go with it. 

With over eleven years of experience in designing workspaces for a range of fields from Banking Industry and IT Industry to Co-working Space, we have a clear understanding of out clients' respective requirements and expectations, which often differ from one industry to another. Out award-winning office interior designs and renovation service have been engaged by numerous global and Asia-based corporations, who seek out expertise in creating a conductive office environment that reflects their company culture. From initiating the design plan to choosing the ideal colour scheme, layout and furnishing, our clients trust us to take care of all their office design needs and assist them throughout the entire renovation process. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I get a cool 3D rendering like I see on HGTV?

Yes, we do provide 3D rendering of office design for free.

Do you provide free consultation? What is the first step to engage with your service?

Yes, we do provide free consultation for office design and renovation. You can make an appointment with our design consultation via 6336 1800.

How long is a project timeline?

Each project's specification and scale are unique. While I have a general idea of the timing, much of that depends upon how quickly you make decisions based on the options given to you. Usually a project takes 3 - 8 weeks to complete.

I've never engage with an interior design firm before, what should I expect and how do I work with you?

Be prepared to enjoy this experience and relationship! Once we are being selected as your interior design consultant, a Letter of Agreement will be presented and signed by decision makers. Together, we will discuss the project details and set up meetings to review the design concept for your office's interior design.

How do you manage your cost?

Communication and collaboration with client is key to allow us to provide what is only necessary and needed by client; and to avoid surprises. We provide options and go through the cost estimates with clients to ensure clients understands the office interior design and office renovation service that we are providing.

How do I choose among so many interior design styles?

There are many office interior designs to choose from, for example, a luxury office interior design, minimalist interior, modern interior, industrial interior design, or tech startup office design and more. During your initial consultation with our interior designer, we will discuss your likes and dislikes. This will help to narrow the field. Our designer provides professional opinions requirements and study your company background and show you our portfolio that closer to your desires to choose an ultimate design. Besides, we will come out a 3D rendering based on our discussions, so that you can imagine how is the office interior design would look like.

How do you manage your quality control?

We have a checklist to follow the code of practices to ensure our project managers follow the standard with compliance on site.

How do you manage construction during Covid-19?

We follow revant health & safety regulations on health screening / monitoring and limiting number of workers on site so that different vendors and workers have staggered work schedules.

What services can we expect from OSCA?

OSCA is basically a Design & Build Company so we provide turnkey for our clients; meaning we provide design services, constructions services, all the way to completion and handing over to clients.

What workplace strategy is more relevant during this Covid period?

After or amid COVID, clients find Activity-Based Working (ABW) more relevant than ever. This gives employees the flexibility to work from home or come to the office and find a specific accommodation suited to the work they want to do in the office.


Grace Toh

from Logicalis

“Very professional and responsive team from beginning to end of the project. Really appreciate OSCA team that they are always there for me. We generally like the design and the aesthetics. In addition, we appreciate the attentive consultation, competent work and responsible handling of the project. Great job!”

Anson tan

from PCCW

"Thank you and your team for your efforts in making renovation work painless. Thank you for the hard work and always available to provide help with issues. Your team was professional, they kept to the schedule with overall cost within budget. We will recommend OSCA to other company. "

Tao Si Yu

from China Telecom

"Our project was an extremely demanding and challenging, you had done astonishingly well to enable us to achieve our objectives successfully. From initial design preparation works, the design team has been very professional, which we fully entrusted them to design the interior works."

Terry Lee

from Integrated Maritime

“The team is professional, considerate and highly responsive and accommodating to our needs. We have set a very tight deadline for OSCA and we were very much pleasantly surprised that OSCA managed to deliver by the deadline. ”

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