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5 Simple Décor Tips To Spruce Up Your Office

Did you know that your environment can shape your productivity and creativity?

As luck would have it, there are a myriad of extremely easy yet economical décor hacks you can incorporate in your office to keep you reinvigorated, motivated and cheerful to go about your day. These tips can be applied under nearly all interiors – from a corporate office space to a personal workspace right in the heart of your home. Make your workplace a healthier, happier and more productive one by beginning with these 5 basic décor tips.


Project:  Traveloka Singapore (Images courtesy of OSCA)

1. Incorporating uplifting colours

Colour and emotion have been scientifically proven to closely intertwine. Colour has the ability to trigger a spectrum of emotions – from comfort and warmth to misery and sorrow. Yellow is often associated with sunshine and happiness, but did you know that it also stimulates the mind to encourage creativity? Greenish hues can evoke a strong sense of balance needed to keep your work momentum going, if you wish to be more productive doing something both physical and mind stimulating. Consider decorating the office with shades of blue to cultivate a peaceful and calming work environment – perfect for de-stressing when the going gets tough. Identify which colours work the best to stimulate your mind, body and soul before integrating them into your surroundings.


Project:  Kpler (Images courtesy of OSCA)

 2. Optimising Natural Lighting

Lack of lighting (or rather natural lighting) is a problem plaguing many employees. Insufficient exposure to sunlight can be extremely draining and can contribute to a listless and unproductive workplace environment. Prioritise the use of transparent or translucent windows over opaque glass panels in order to maximise access to sunlight. An alternative would be to get rid of those dimly lighted fluorescent lights and replace them with bright white bulbs. Maximise your lighting and you will maximise your daily energy supply in the workplace!


Project:  China Telecom Singapore (Images courtesy of OSCA)

3. Creating both personal and group workspaces

Some employees work best in an open-office environment while others thrive in a more private setting. Ensure that your office is equipped with the necessary workspace options to perform at their best. Set up cubicle-like personal desk spaces with optimised privacy and quiet so that individuals who require minimal distraction can focus. For those who prefer a group collaboration-environment, you may craft an inclusive and productive space where employees can work together without overcrowding the area, thereby preventing them from being distracted by the task at hand. These areas typically come with a big enough desk for participants, alongside easy access to power outlets in order to cater to a maximum number of occupants. Always remember that every individual works differently, hence it is crucial to implement an inclusive workspace where everyone can succeed.


Project:  China Telecom Singapore (Images courtesy of OSCA)

4. Decluttering and organising your workspace

Do not underestimate the advantage of an organised work environment. How organised you are is a reflection on how your mind functions. Having a clean desk helps you to remain calm under pressure as you navigate the tasks at hand. Need to look up an invoice from two months ago? A solid filing system for paper documents can help alleviate the inevitable stress of locating that single piece of paper amongst a sea of paperwork. Desk organisers help to declutter your desk by arranging your documents and supplies into an organised theme. Also consider implementing shared workplace storage, such as individualised lockers for employees, so they have a secure location to store away unnecessary personal items and house confidential files. Eliminate unnecessary stress and distractions by having a designated space for your office essentials.


Project:  Tayrona (Images courtesy of OSCA)

5. Integrating greenery into your environment

Looking to enhance your workspace with something that is both aesthetic and functional? A splash of greenery can certainly go a long way. On an aesthetics front, indoor plants help beautify the environment, instantly transforming a monotonous office space into a pleasant, inspirational workplace. Plants are also scientifically proven to boost your mood, concentration and productivity – think of the soothing and relaxing fragrance that lavender and jasmine emit. The presence of indoor plants hence acts as a form of aromatherapy thanks to their distinct scents. But smell is not the only thing that can affect your mood. Green leaves can trigger a sense of calm, peace and harmony – three aspects to keep you focused and on task. Be it a small potted plant that sits perfectly on your desk or a sprawling vertical garden, an office teeming with lush greenery gives you a much-needed breather from the stress of working in an enclosed office space.



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