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The main objective from the beginning was to create an innovative, "overload-free" workspace that makes extensive use of the existing natural light flowing into the building. 

In planning and designing the space, it was important to bring forth the distinct characteristics of the company into the office. The space is aptly decked out in a delicate colour palette to express the simplistic elegance that Bunker Holding is known for. 


From the carpentry and furniture to the lighting fixture, every design element is inculcated to advance the corporate brand. At the reception area sits the sprawling, curved-shape counter constructed of a warm wooden material to give the room a polished appearance and inviting impression, making it the ideal piece for welcoming visitors into the office. 


Splashes of greenery flank the walkways that connect the main working area zone to the meeting rooms is an effort to incorporate a touch of biophilic design into the office interior. Bold chequered flooring and feature ceiling from the focal points of the open concept meeting rooms while the glaze glass windows provide privacy for inhabitants without infringing on the openness of the design.   

Equally eye-catching is the hand-painted wall mural on display at the breakout area of the office and features some of the Singapore’s most iconic landmarks. A local artist was specially commissioned for this one-of-its-kind piece. 


Another component that sets the Bunker Holding office apart from other workplace layouts is the unique business lounge cum library corner. That section comprises a row of curved archway booths fitted out in predominantly muted tones of greys and whites compete with cushy turquoise-coloured velvet seating. It serves as the perfect intimate space for private working . 

The key principles of the design were conceived prior to the pandemic and centre on flexibility. The conference room open up to meeting room, it enable both spaces to be connected with ease. For this reason also, the proposed scheme did not required significant alternations to address the paradigm shift in the way office-based business will operate moving forward. 

With an agile, future-facing energetic workplace, Bunker has managed to successfully welcome their staff back to the physical workplace. 

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