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Travel Around The Office

Given that FCM exclusively deals with corporate travels bookings, our design team sought to create an interior that evoked indulgence, while at the same time retaining a sense of professionalism. 

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The interior largely takes on an open space concept wherein individual workspaces are aligned in neat rows and strategically situated at the centre of the office space to facilitate open communication between colleagues from all corners of the office. Those who opt for greater privacy have the option of retreating into one of the carriage-like meeting spaces located on one side of the office or a more closed-door environment in the form of small discussion rooms, complete with comfortable sofa chairs, workbenches and charging ports. To elicit a tropical vacation-like sentiment in line with the company brand, a section of these areas is decorated with wallpapers featuring a range of design from flamingos and rainforests to flowers and art permeates the experience of being whisked away on a holiday retreat. 

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The overall design employs mostly wooden tones from the floors and benches to desks and storage spaces to create a cosy and intimate corporate environment. This is balanced by the wide, open office spaces which lend a sense of volume and brightness to the space. The surfboard placed in one of the meeting rooms is a nod to idea that whilst FCM specialises in corporate travel, the company likewise encourages their clients to have fun along the way. 


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