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Rustic Curve

The main goal of new working space is to reborn an environment and attract more talents, accumulate creativity within a single space. It is also to promote corporate branding and cultures. The design intent is to create a rustic industrial feeling but yet modern and sophisticated. As the client business involve technology, the design has a futuristic character into it.


In line with the firm's culture of collaboration and discussion, we want the employees and visitors to feel welcomed upon entering the office, we installed the moss walls at reception area to stand out the corporate branding and earth-tone carpet colour as well as herringbone pattern timber flooring at the pantry. 

Meanwhile, the pantry area is designed to be casual and spacious, as it double up as a meeting room for clients as well as a casual working space for staff. The peranakan tiles on the floor and the backsplash adds on local Singapore flavour into the pantry. The red Logicalis branding color is also being incorporated into the design on the bench fabric to heighten the overall mood of the pantry which is the main important space in the office where people meet and collaborate. Bar-height tables and chairs are placed against the windows to serve as another casual working space, where staff can work and enjoy the soothing view at the same time.

When you reach to the board room and video conference  room, you will notice a striking lighting (O-shape & U-shape) feature that is the highlight of the room which are intended to mirror the shape of the respective table in the room. The combination of corrugated metal mesh ceiling board and the futuristic featured lighting design create a space like no other. Industrial versus modern design comes together as one unity. 


There is a visual connection between the reception to the pantry to allows transparency as well as to bring natural lighting into the space. We carry forward that idea into the back office layout configuration. We introduce a variety of working desk style to increase the productivity in the office. With a play of colours on the carpets to brighten up the whole mood and atmosphere. 

We brainstormed how pantry and meeting room can resemble a corporate identity as well as bring people together. This design style gives employees a sense of belonging while bring them together as one community. Overall, we want to design an office that is enjoyable to work at.





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