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The key feature of Lufthansa's office design concept was to create a sense of warmth and infuse the shared space with a welcoming effect. This was done with the company's brand value as a leading commercial airline in mind. 

As with most European companies, the essence of its design is rooted in the finer details, precision work and simplicity. It combines clean minimalist line with an earthy colour palette and luminous lights to recreate the scene of an airplane set against the backdrop of the vast blue skies. 

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The bright, airy atmosphere of the office is instantly palpable and was deliberately inculcated to convey an amiable impression to visitors that represents the warm and friendly service that one can expect to receive when they fly with Lufthansa. 

A central feature which proudly displays the airline name along with a model of its iconic aeroplane serves to further complement the overall office design. It also acts as a subtle messaging to inform clients and employees that Lufthansa focuses on people and are at the centre of everything it does. 

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In terms of the layout, at least one-third of the open plan office comprises meeting rooms and collaboration spaces in an effort to foster hybrid workspace that caters to agile working arrangements for employees to work whenever they choose to. 

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