Making Waves for a Cleaner Environment: Beach Clean-up CSR Activity

In a dedicated effort to combat marine pollution and promote environmental sustainability, OSCA Asia recently organized a significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity—Beach Clean-up, took place on Saturday morning, 18 May 2024 at East Coast Beach (Area G). This initiative saw enthusiastic participation from all the employees, united by a common goal: to protect and preserve our coastal ecosystems.

With the enthusiasm and support from the participants, the event was a success and has collected approximately 8 packs of trash bags including empty mineral bottles, carbon and paper boxes, tissue waste etc. The beach clean-up was a collaborative effort involving Public Hygiene Council, allowing us to make use of their litter-picking tools.

The beach clean-up was more than just a one-day event; it was a step towards raising awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans and beaches. OSCA Asia is committed to continuing its CSR efforts and encourages other businesses to join in the fight against environmental degradation.

By engaging in activities like beach clean-ups, companies can make a tangible difference while fostering a culture of responsibility and care among their employees and the wider community.


Inspired to join the movement for cleaner coastlines? Dive into the details and discover how you can contribute at National Environment Agency. At OSCA, we are dedicated to turning our shared passion for a healthy environment into concrete actions that protect our planet.

To learn more about OSCA’s CSR initiatives and our ongoing efforts, visit our CSR page. Together, we can safeguard our beaches and secure a healthier future for our oceans.

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