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As the Managing Director and founder of OSCA, Allan's journey towards cementing the company's position as a frontrunner in the office interior design industry began in 2010, with the help of two business partners.

Owing to his keen determination and strong sense of purpose, Allan was able to overcome the early challenges of starting a new business. His marketing and business acumen also netted the company a substantial 30% turnover increase in its second year of operation. Since then, Allan has established a stable benchmark when it comes to the building and implementation of marketing strategies to boost the OSCA brand. 

Allan strongly subscribes to the belief that if one is not willing to fail, then you are yet not ready to succeed - a belief that has pushed him towards achieving more than he had originally aimed for. 

Advance Diploma in Interior Design Inspiration Design International School

A seasoned industry professional with over 17 years of extensive experience in strategic marketing planning, as well as project and account management. 

Years Experience

Projects Achievement

80,000 sqft

Largest Project Size

600,000 sqft

Space Designed





Highest Project Value

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