The theme for this project is ‘Travel’. Each area is distinct and unique giving a traveling experience as you explore the office.

The extra-large Birdhouse-shaped structure in the guest holding area, also an identity of HomeAway, features the classic Singapore shophouse window with TV frames. The different concepts for the common spaces include a ‘Fish spa’ meeting space, a ‘bar styled’ conference space, a “homely living room” discussion space and a ‘beanbags room’.

These areas were created to suit all types of personality providing a wide range of flexible space and environment where our designer inculcate the idea of a coffee shop, restaurant, sports bar and loft-living. This way, no one gets left behind.

With most of the furnishings and office furniture custom made to fit the theme, it makes it truly unique and one of its kind.

Client: HomeAway
Location: UE Square
Size: 9,600 sqft

HomeAway’s Interior Design clinched the Silver Award for the Design Excellence Awards 2017, Asia Pacific.