Comprising of mostly closed office concept in its space, the design team thoughtfully wove elements of open corners to add a mix of transparency for touched of personal inclusiveness. To depict the idea of transparency, a copious amount of glass was used on all private offices that occupy the interior space while workstations line the glass windows allowing natural light to permeate into the core space inspired on the woods as the entrance to a new natural space.

The reception has hard tiled flooring, wood and wallpaper contrasted with indirect lighting. This is the beginning of the experience where clients can stay in the waiting area and relax before proceeding to the next area. A feature wall reminiscent of wooden panels lines the main entry and leads the eye into the meeting rooms whilst a timber form work privacy screen separates the workplace from the waiting area.

Furthermore, at the end of each open space stands a separated workstation for managers. Conference rooms were designed with modern and solid furniture in order to create comfortable work conditions.

Client: Oakwood
Location: Harbourfront Tower 1
Size: 5,350 sqft