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During the creative brief for this office design project, the client wanted to create a functional creative working space with energetic and fresh ambiance. The entire office is divided into different main zones - working and meeting space. The crucial challenge we faced was to recreate the existing space where different office rooms had to be integrated into open space for staff to chill out. We also needed to create new space which are conducive for their staff to work together in the organisation. Using Hakuhodo's brand colours - minimalist white and grey were added and the use of red colour to display the contrast in the common spaces. To ensure staff can enjoy even more benefits (like dining in office), we incorporated a large kitchen (well you probably haven't heard of an office space with a large kitchen) and common dining area for community lunch / dinner breaks. We also located the informal meeting area right in the middle of the floor plan as this meeting area is really a collaboration hub which is the center of all activities.¬†With a modern approach to design, this space is open to all for impromptu meetings or causal discussion. Making full use of glass - we created the effect of a visually bigger office space and also allow more natural light to the working area.