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3 Basic A&A Works That Transform Your Workplace Instantly

Updated: Oct 17

3 Basic A&A Works That Transform Your Workplace Instantly

More businesses are well aware of the impact that commercial office designs have on overall productivity. Employees want a company that prioritises them and ensures their well-being, and a well-designed office space interior design is able to reduce their stress and motivate them.

Having a proper working environment is even able to foster better collaboration between departments and teams, stimulating creative problem-solving. While a well-planned and considered office design is ideal, even small yet significant changes to your current space can bring about transformative effects.

In this article, we will explore Addition and Alteration (A&A) works, what they are, and three methods to help you achieve significant impact.

What are A&A works?

A&A, also known as addition and alteration works, refers to minor additions or changes to the existing space without the need for complete renovation works. Many clients choose to conduct A&A works as compared to a complete office renovation design for a couple of reasons, such as saving costs, sustainability, and minimal downtime.

Additionally, we have also seen the rising trend of companies moving into the fitted office as compared to a bare unit. In terms of renovation works for commercial interior design firms in Singapore, fitted offices require more effort, time, and resources to design as compared to bare units. The reason is that details of the existing space, such as the location of the meeting and enclosed rooms, as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) works, have to be taken into consideration.

As such, it is often more affordable to keep the existing office layout and conduct basic A&A works. Without further ado, here are three basic A&A works you can consider.

1. Adding movable wall partitions

Adding Movable Wall Partitions

Long gone is the era of individual cubicles. Replacing them are modern open office design concepts which remove physical barriers between colleagues, emphasising teamwork and communication. However, both open and closed-office designs have their pros and cons.

While open office designs are great for promoting teamwork and workplace community, they can be disruptive and noisy. On the other hand, closed office designs are ideal in allowing employees to focus on their work, but they limit the opportunity to collaborate and communicate.

The way to enjoy the best of both worlds lies in having the option to alternate between the two designs, and that can easily be achieved through basic A&A works by using movable wall partitions.

With movable wall partitions, you have the option to close off specific spaces for employees who are looking for private spaces to focus on their work without any distractions. You also have the option to create meeting rooms and function rooms without the use of a permanent space, allowing you to free up the space for communal spaces.

2. Switching up office colours

Office owners are usually surprised by how big an impact colours have in an office. Most companies typically opt for neutral tones, such as white, grey, or beige, to achieve a more professional aesthetic. However, these colours are also often associated with negative emotions, such as depression and sadness.

A well-lighted and well-ventilated office with accents of vibrant and high-contrast colours can instantly create a rejuvenating office environment that makes it easier to be creative and focus, as well as create a more conducive and aesthetically pleasing office environment.

Conducting basic A&A works, such as introducing more colourful or artistic elements in the space through your wall paints or furniture can make a significant difference in improving your employees’ productivity and mood. You can also consider switching up the existing finishes, such as wallpapers, carpets, and floorings.

3. Upgrading light fixtures

A well-lighted office space is imperative for a comfortable and productive company. Computers are ubiquitous in every modern workspace. Nearly everything involves the use of computers. As most employees will spend most of their working hours facing the computer, it also leads to the development of many health issues, such as headaches and eye strains, which can lead to increased making of mistakes and reduced quality of work.

Having poor lighting in the office only worsens the issue. Poor lighting leads to increased straining of the eyes, leading to focusing difficulties. On the other hand, extreme light brightness causes discomfort and glare, which makes working uncomfortable. Two things to note when choosing your light fixtures are types of light choices and colour temperature.

When considering the choice of light, LEDs are highly recommended. Not only are they more energy efficient, but they also have longer lifespans and lower levels of glare and flicker as compared to fluorescent lights. However, it is recommended that you find ways to increase the amount of natural lighting in your office, too.

When considering the light colour temperature, it boils down to two key options: Warm yellow or cool white. Warm yellow lights are ideal for promoting a relaxed environment, while cool white lights are ideal for concentration and productivity. Hence, incorporating warm yellow lights in relaxation or communal areas and cool white lights in workspaces is the way to optimise the efficiency of your office design.


A&A works are great options to help improve your company’s quality of life significantly without breaking the bank. They allow you to make tiny but impactful changes without going through a complete renovation to the functions of your office, which can lead to increased downtime, disrupting your employees.

OSCA provides award-winning office solutions and services. Our interior design team provides site survey analysis and office comparisons to provide the best design choice that fits our clients’ requirements for their office space. Whether you are in doubt about renting a fitted office space or a bare unit, we can help you make a sound decision with our solutions. Contact us today to inquire more.

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