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4 Questions To Determine If Your Office Is Due For A Reno

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Many studies have proven that office interior design contributes significantly to motivation and productivity among employees. With most people spending almost half their day working in the office, it is easy to identify why many prefer a comfortable workspace that allows them to complete their work quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with the current situation all over the world, the role of the office has adapted to what employees are looking for – safety and performance.

With new considerations to note, many companies may wonder if an office interior renovation is necessary. Hence, to make your concerns simpler, here are four fundamental questions you, as a business owner, should ask yourself to identify such a need.

Question 1: Does your current space reflect the identity of the company?

The values, vision, and mission of a corporation are impalpable attributes that should be reflected throughout the office space interior design and layout. Hence, to decide if your office is due for a reno, you should ask yourself if the current area is representative of the company’s culture and identity – not only to your employees but also to your customers. This question is particularly vital, especially for businesses that have gone through rebranding. How the company’s value is translated into the design of the space varies across firms. Some might go for a design that strongly reflects the brand, while others might go for a more subtle approach. All in all, you would want your space to align with your company’s branding.

Question 2: Does your current space meet the growing needs of the company?

The world is constantly moving at a rapid pace. Businesses have to learn to evolve and adapt to growing demands. Be it getting the latest office equipment or hiring more staff, a company’s physical space must also evolve and adapt to changes. One way to determine the need for reno is to assess employees’ satisfaction and productivity with regard to the current space. If the area is not as desirable, your staff might not perform as well as you expect. One aspect of incorporating in your corporate and commercial office interior design is the inclusion of innovative digital tools that can help to target employee wellbeing, energy saving, and space optimisation.

Question 3: Does your current space attract and retain top talents?

Will Rogers, an American actor in the late 1800s, once stated, “You will never get another chance to make a first impression.” Such can be said for office design. When potential employees step foot into your company’s space for the first time, the design is the first thing that they will see and remember, even before understanding the culture of the company. Potential employees want to ensure that the company they could be working at meets their needs. Studies have shown that the overall office experience is the determining factor that millennials consider when accepting an employment offer. Hence, the need to maintain the appeal of your office space is critical in attracting and retaining such talents.

Question 4: Does your current space make your employees feel safe?

It goes without saying that employees should feel safe when working. Especially with the pandemic still present globally, the business should prioritise the wellbeing of their staff by ensuring the workplace meets safety and health needs – such as installing adequate air ventilation, ergonomic furniture, and minimal fire hazards. Installing intelligent devices such as voice-command technology and contactless entry systems are some of the things many businesses all around the world are adopting. And if your business is lacking in such areas, then it might be time to consider engaging an office interior designer to help with the remodelling of your office space.


Creating an efficient and safe working environment is more than just office space and purchasing furniture. It encompasses the representation of the company’s corporate identity, values, and culture. While it can indeed be costly to undergo renovation, the potential of the return on investments (ROI) is significant in the long run. Hence, it is vital to consult an experienced commercial interior design firm, such as OSCA Asia, to help translate your company’s branding into the design of your space. To find out more about our works, head on to to get started today!

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