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5 Office Interior Tips To Help Elevate Your Branding

Brand identity brings about a positive impact on both your employees as well as your clients and customers who may visit your commercial or corporate space. Hence, it is well worth your effort and time to ensure that your commercial office interior design matches your brand. However, it is unfortunate that we have come across many businesses and brands who have failed to do so, which leads to uninspiring office designs that their employees have to work in.

Hence, in this article, we will present five essential office space interior design tips that will help your brand stand out while motivating your employees, thus winning the war for talents in this day and age.

1. Establish the value of your branding

It is vital, even before beginning your office interior renovation, to sit down with your designer to establish the value of your branding. Factors such as trademarks, colour schemes, slogans, logos, and personality of the business should be considered and established so that your office design matches your brand.

To do so, you may ask yourself how your brand benefits your clients and customers and the association that you would like them to have with you. You can do so by involving your employees in this process. Not only will it give them ownership of the space, but you can also understand how your employees feel about their workspace. One of the best ways to do so is to get your employees to describe the brand and customers in five words.

2. Separate client and employee spaces

When deciding with your office interior designer on the space design, it is vital and highly recommended to have a distinct separation between employee-only and general guest spaces. This is because your general guests – clients and customers – and employees have a different perspectives of the brand. Hence, during the design process, it would be ideal to come up with appropriate yet distinct branding ideas for the two separate spaces.

3. Concentrate on crucial touchpoints

Branding can be a delicate process. It is about finding the right balance between formal and casual without overdoing either one. One key tip to doing so is to concentrate on specific areas that bring the biggest impact to your brand.

One obvious touchpoint is the reception area. This is the first space your employees, clients, and customers will see when they step into the office. Hence, it should be branded accordingly to not only welcome them but also to show what the brand is all about clearly. Besides the reception area, it is also crucial to identify key employee areas and consider what behaviour and attitude you want your employees to develop while working.

4. Showcase your products

It all depends on what your brand does. One of the most practical and effective ways to optimise office space design is to showcase your brand’s products. After all, nothing is more effective in telling your brand’s story than your products, especially if your products have evolved over the years.

5. Take note of colour schemes

Last but not least, you might want to consider the colours used in your office. Colours can impact general happiness, productivity, and mental well-being in the workplace. Deciding on an appropriate colour tone and the palette is crucial to keeping your employees motivated and inspired while being able to stay calm and composed even in stressful seasons. Assuming your brand colour is not too bizarre, it might be appropriate and ideal to incorporate the colours into your office space.

However, if your brand colour is too bright and distracting, it might be good to choose colours that match the personality and nature of your business. For example, if your employees usually operate under intense pressure, you might not want to increase such pressure by using harsh colours, such as orange or red. You might want to consider cool tones, such as purple or green, which are known to be comforting colours.


At the end of the day, branding and office design work together. As such, it is vital to find the right balance between trying to achieve a beautiful workplace and a value-added working environment. Engaging an office interior design firm that incorporates such value in their design services is crucial too!

OSCA Asia is an award-winning commercial and corporate office interior design company that goes beyond designing workplaces with unique, aesthetic elements. We ensure that our client’s final product represents their brand values to anyone who steps into their space, from clients to business partners and employees. For more information on our services or to take a look at our portfolios, you may do so by visiting today!

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