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7 Office Design Ideas To Boost Workplace Productivity And Satisfaction

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Low productivity and disengaged workers are part of global workplace phenomenon - a result organizations being unable to keep up with a rapidly expanding and transforming workplace. But it does not have to remain that way.

The impact of office life on employee welfare has inspired numerous office design and concepts throughout the years. Interior designers and event furniture manufacturers have displayed wide-ranging creativity in their design solutions. Whether it is creating a youthful, multi-functional workspace that caters to young millennials or planning an entire office building for a large conglomerate, these seven office design ideas and trends are bound to work seamlessly within a variety of interior design concept.

Project: RGF Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Open Space Plans

Less walls and more open spaces have been a trending formula among modern office designs over the last couple of years. This creates a largely unobscured view across multiple spaces to promote collaboration and allows for accessible modifications to the floor plan when necessary. An open space plan also contributes to a mobile workplace where people can move around uninhibitedly.

Project: Simcorp Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Technology-integrated furniture

Having unsightly electrical cords on full display at your desk can make for a very productive and potentially hazardous work life. Desks and work areas embedded with technology can hide how unflattering this is and also provide a big boost in convenience. Modern office furniture these days typically come equipped with desk outlets for you to plug your cables into and storage funnels where you can neatly tuck away the cords in a safe and discreet manner. This means you no longer have to worry about tripping over wires or making a mess as you struggle to connect the cords to the nearest power outlet.

Project: Euronomitor Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Flexible Spaces

Collaboration and adaptability are the crux of a modern office. Office designs that are multi-purpose help to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment. One of the best ways to incorporate this concept into your office space is to create non-static spaces. Think a workstation that doubles up a standing desk and moveable walls that can be arranged to create smaller spaces for more privacy or even lounge areas that also serve as meeting points and vice versa. A flexible workplace definitely assists in getting the job done well.

Project: Unruly Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Lounge Areas

Lounge areas may sound like a haven where employee skive off instead of getting work done but some relaxation can get the creative juices flowing. A place to kick back and brainstorm ideas for your next project is a much-needed respite from churning out repetitive ideas at your desk all day long. What every employee needs is a warm and comfortable space away from their desks where they can catch a break from their hectic workload.

Project: GGV/EVG Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Colour And Mood

By now you should be familiar with the nexus between colour and mood. Modern office design places a significant emphasis on colour and its often-subconscious psychological effect on people. Dim lighting, detached cubicles and pallid office collectively contribute to a sterile and uninspiring environment. Uplifting your office ambience is the first step towards reinvigorating a lifeless workforce.

Project: Kpler Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Natural Elements

Biophilic design is a concept used to promote human connectivity to the natural environment within the built environment. It stems from our inherent desire to connect with natural elements such as plants and sunlight, increasing workplace productivity in the process While natural sunlight cannot be reproduced indoors, designers can reimagine a natural office environment through decorating the interior with greenery.

Project: Euromonitor Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Home away from home

Apart from their homes, employees spend the most time in the office. The workplace can be listless and uninspiring if you wish to keep staff engaged and productive. A home away from home concept provides the perfect setting for everyone to work and relax in a calm manner. Homely couches, writing desks and coffee tables - these elements lend a homely touch for staff to brainstorm new ideas comfortably.

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