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7 Ways To Use Neon Signs To Design Your Commercial Interior

Neon signs were the hype in commercial interiors during the 70s and have not died down since then. In fact, they are still as popular in restaurants, bars, and cafe designs.

When referring to neon signs, it is all about the ‘wow’ factor. Neon signs are not only warm and inviting, but they also are artistic and hip. They come in single or a variety of different colour tones, but they can help to attract attention and exude an impression that your guests and customers will have a good time. In addition, they relatively save energy, even more so when using LED neon.

So, how then can you incorporate them into your design plans in such a way they project optimal visual impact? Let us share with you seven ways you can optimise them in your commercial and office interior design.

1. Let the customer know who you are

One of the ideal ways to optimise the use of neon signs is through the display of your brand’s name or logo. When used as outdoor signage, they have an immediate visual impact on customers, making your business more visible. When used in your interior space, whoever visits your space can remember your brand easily, resulting in clearer brand recognition. Neon signs provide fantastic photo opportunities, which in return gives your brand free publicity.

2. Spreading a message

The customisation of neon signs is limited to only your imagination. They can also be used to spread positive messages that might relate to your brand or business. Quirky or fun saying or even an intentional plug is all you ever need to grab attention, make someone smile, or initiate a conversation. In addition, you may even want to use neon signs to define the way you want your business to be recognised. When considering that direction, find a line that is amusing and easy to remember.

3. Creating the ambience

Lighting affects the ambience of the interior. The key appeal of neon signs is that they not only illuminate the surrounding area but also bring into play another aspect of the visual dimension. To do so, you may want to consider using a neon sign as the only source of light to create a cosy seating corner or to control your interior’s ambience. The choice of colour for the neon signs is also important as colours help to capture eyes and attention with a purpose.

4. Sending over an inspiring message

Regardless of what services and products your business provides, the end goal of your brand is to ensure that your customers, guests, clients and staff are happy and contented. Neon signs are a great way to send over an inspiring message that could make someone’s day or as an immediate pick-me-up. Combine the neon sign with bright colours and cheerful patterns, and you will find a space that puts everyone there in a light-hearted mood.

5. Being cute

The intention that you want to project with your neon signs will determine the overall space. To up the charm factor of your interior, you can increase the intensity of cuteness by adding fun elements and twists that make people want to capture it. Think uniquely and craft a message that puts your brand in the spotlight, yet subtle enough so that it is not blatant self-promotion.

6. Be Instagrammable

We have repeatedly mentioned in this article how neon signs encourage people to take pictures. Pictures are free publicity for your brand. One of the best ways to fully optimise your neon signs is to ensure that the space it is installed in is suitable for Instagram. Whether be it for your office or restaurant, having an Instagrammable space with attractive neon signs is perfect for sharing of experience.

7. Let your creative juice run wild

There are no rights and wrongs when designing a neon sign. As long as it brings out your brand to the right crowd, it has already accomplished what it is meant to do. Think beyond hanging it on your wall or on your door. You can combine neon signs with any background, from bright wallpapers to even a floral display, depending on the relevancy of your brand.


Neon signs are the ideal tool to create the right atmosphere and attract attention. Whether you intend to inspire people or to let people know who you are, let your creative juice free and achieve the atmosphere you intend to create.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for commercial and corporate office interior design services in Singapore, then consider engaging OSCA Asia. We build our business based on our mission to help our clients and their brands achieve individualised interior designs that are a true reflection of their values and help enrich lives. For more information on our work, you may find out more at

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