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Best Tips To Help You Choose & Apply Wall Art In Your Office

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Office interior designs offer benefits that go beyond providing aesthetics. Wall art, especially in a corporate setting, is often last considered a form of interior design for office space.

Wall art can be tricky to choose as you might need to consider everybody who works in the space. However, when done correctly, it is shown to help increase creativity and productivity as well as reduce stress in the workplace. Hence, when considering applying wall art in the office interior renovation process, you will need to consider a few key factors, such as general cultural behaviour in the office, size of the targeted space, and overall budget.

Without further ado, here are some essential tips to help you choose and apply wall art in your office interior design.

Utilise Bright Colours To Brighten Mood

Wall art can influence individuals’ moods. Hence, choosing the right colour tone is crucial. A neutral monochromatic tone such as grey can make your space look boring and bland. Bright colours such as green help to foster creativity, while yellow is able to exude a feeling of joy. Not only will it create a positive impact on your employees, but it will also equally affect anybody who visits your office. With that being said, you might want to consider connecting with office interior design firms to link your company to the best-suited artwork source as well as provide professional assistance on the colour palette.

Utilise Abstract Art To Encourage Conversation

Abstract art is the best medium to encourage conversation, be it varying opinions, emotions, or perspectives. It can also help to stimulate thoughtfulness and imagination. Abstract art is the recommended choice for collaborative spaces. Besides that, abstract art also helps to inspire colour into your workspace. Adding bright and bold colours to a white wall can instantly accentuate the space. You can also add pastel and neutral colours to a dark wall to create a warm mood. Whatever it is, abstract art is able to create an environment for conversation.

Choose Art That Complements The Space

The most common mistake when selecting decorative elements for a specific space is over-decorating and resulting in cluttering. Hence, it is vital also to consider the size of the wall art. If the particular wall is relatively large, then choosing an oversized wall art would be perfect. It then becomes the space’s focal point and catches everybody’s attention. If the specific wall is small, hanging one or two small pieces of decorative pieces helps create a memorable visual impact.

Choose Art That Tells A Story

Be it illustrations such as graffiti or design pieces such as photographs, choose wall arts that complement the company story. That way, it can encourage quality conversation between employees and visitors. With this knowledge, you might want to commission wall arts that express company-related infographics, mottos, or inspirational quotes in a manner that inspires your visitors and staff. You can also beautify the space using sculptures, graffiti, paintings, and landscape photographs.


Interior design trends are constantly changing with time. However, one thing that can be agreed upon today is that using wall art for your office decoration is timeless. With these four fundamental yet crucial tips, you can better plan your commercial office design. Nevertheless, if you are looking for some of the best office interior design services in Singapore, then look no further than OSCA Asia. You may contact us at +65 6336 1800 to find out how we can inspire your space.

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