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Creating A Comfortable & Conducive Office With Soft Seating

Creativity, well-being, and motivation are key factors of a healthy workplace. We spend, on average, approximately a third of our day at work in our office. Hence, it is crucial that the space we work in is inspirational and comfortable. That is why having soft seating in your office could take inspiration and comfort to the next level for your employees. After all, an uncomfortable office interior design could be detrimental to your employee’s productivity and happiness levels.

In this post, we will discover what soft seating means and why it is such a crucial element that you should consider when planning a furniture fitting or an office interior renovation.

What is soft seating?

Soft seating refers to cushioned seating or upholstered furniture. The common forms of soft seating are armchairs, modular stools, lounge chairs, high-back sofas, modular reception seating, and beam seating. Soft seating is typically employed in communal areas, breakout areas, public spaces, and receptions. The primary purpose of soft seating is to create a comfortable and friendly environment for employees and guests to feel at home.

A place away from desks

With soft seating, employees have an alternate workspace that is away from their desks. The issue with more traditional corporate office interior design is that employees spend the majority of their work time sitting at their desks. Sitting for a prolonged period in one position, especially when your workplace ergonomics is not optimised, can affect our strength and mobility negatively, causing migraines, back pains, and other adverse health issues; it takes a toll on overall productivity.

Hence, it is vital to design breakout spaces or areas where your employees can take a break and relax. Providing them with adequate rest spaces encourage them to take sufficient breaks from work, which ultimately leads to happier employees, increased productivity, and better overall well-being and health.

Creating a relaxing working environment

Whether it is a space to welcome your guests or a space to support team meetings, or individual focus and privacy, using the right furniture at your office makes a significant difference, especially for a commercial office design where you have guest and client visits frequently. Armchairs and sofas are quintessential soft seating for any office. Sofas are able to make your employees feel more at home, while armchairs are ideal for creating social corners.

There is added freedom, especially when you get flexible soft seating that blends well with your current office set-ups. They can inspire your employees to be productive and creative while being engaged in their daily activities, as well as are more welcoming to guests than traditional meeting rooms.

Interesting designs

Textures and colours are key design elements in an office fitting. Not only do they elevate the working environment, but they also are able to complement and strengthen corporate value and branding. When you employ colourful and stylish soft seating, you are able to let your company know that you show concern towards their well-being. A comfortable and conducive working environment plays a significant role in impacting retaining key talents as well as attracting potential ones.

Soft seating and technology

Soft seating nowadays comes with an array of technological designs and options, enhancing the way companies collaborate, connect, and work. With built-in options, such as lighting, wireless charging, and integrated power supply, employees who want the option to hot desk or take a break from their designated desk can now freely move about.


Soft seating should be a considered element in your office design plan as it can help create a positive working environment. At OSCA Asia, our office interior designers value space designs that centre around the company’s and their employee’s needs. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have helped clients all around the world achieve a transformative space that reflects their corporate culture and branding.

Should you be looking into revamping your office design, then look no further than to speak to any of our interior designers for award-winning services today!

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