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Designing Natural Light Into The Creation Of Your Office

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Natural light is an important aspect of our general wellbeing. Not only is it part of our instinct to desire natural light, but it is also a primal necessity for mankind to head out and be exposed to certain elemental benefits. However, we have created an environment that keeps us indoors most of our life.

In this article, we will discover the benefits that natural light in the office. can bring to employees, as well as effective designs that can help to maximise natural light.

Studies have shown that natural light is an essential aspect of boosting our wellbeing, as well as making us feel more contented and happier. Wellbeing is not solely just about feeling better, but it also involves functioning better. As you feel better, you also become better at overcoming situations, more creative, more energetic, and interact with those around you better.


The employees are the driving power of a company and hence should also be the greatest investment factor of the company. Therefore, it is vital that companies should direct key resources to their employees to ensure optimal efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. As mentioned, well-appreciated employees perform better when they are happier.

Natural light exposure helps to improve short-term memory and boost concentration. Research has proven that you can improve productivity in your company by as much as 20 per cent when the office is located in a well-lighted building. In addition, companies that aim to foster an aspirational workplace, a place where their employees look forward to working, better accomplish that when natural light is a key factor in their office design process.

One important understanding of natural light is that our body clock and rhythm are regulated by exposure to darkness and light. Darkness usually indicates sleep, while light indicates being awake.

Designing natural light into the creation of your office

When it comes to designing for offices, whether you are a company owner or an office space designer, it is crucial that we aim to incorporate maximum natural light into the space. It can be a complex demand, depending on the space and building. Nevertheless, here are some straightforward improvements that can be implemented without making major changes to the space designs:

  • Place key areas and workspaces nearer to windows. Avoid positioning less-used spaces where natural light comes in.

  • Apply smart technology that pairs natural light with office lighting. This will help your office decrease the use of electricity when natural light is abundant.

  • If your office comes with outdoor spaces such as garden spaces or a rooftop, use them as alternate workspaces that your employees can utilise to work outdoors, take breaks, or even host meetings.

There are a lot more design methods you can do to maximise the use of natural light in your office. However, these are just some of the more affordable ways you can do so without making major changes.


We hope that through this article, we have outlined the various benefits natural light brings to offices and commercial spaces. With minor changes that focus on natural lighting, you can now prioritise them as you plan for your office renovations.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for some of the best office interior design firms in Singapore, do contact OSCA Asia. We specialise in designing a space that will ensure your employees’ wellbeing. For more information on what we can do, visit to find out more!

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