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Improving Your Work Environment With Acoustic Furniture

Improving Your Work Environment With Acoustic Furniture

Unwanted noise can adversely impact productivity in the office, particularly amplified, especially when your employees have to work on complex matters that require total concentration. Even the slightest surrounding or background noise can break their concentration, resulting in a loss of efficiency.

Having ideal office acoustics can help to prevent such unwanted distractions, providing your employees with the optimal working environment. Installing acoustic panels, such as wall-mounted acoustic panels or suspended acoustic panels, can help deal with noise pollution, improving productivity. Both are aesthetically pleasing and effective at buffering out noises.

In this article, we will look at how else acoustic furniture can help improve your work environment.

1. Privacy

Visual privacy and acoustic are crucial elements of any office design. In fact, high levels of noise and a lack of privacy are common office complaints made by employees. There are many straightforward solutions to improve your office’s soundscape. For example, the use of acoustic furniture, such as high-back acoustic seating or sofa meeting booths, is a great example of office furniture that offers great privacy while reducing the likelihood of noise pollution.

Such acoustic furniture usually come fully equipped with USB ports or charging points for ease of uninterrupted work. They are highly transportable, making them ideal for co-working spaces, shared offices, and dynamic workspaces.

2. Well-being

Sound affects employees’ well-being significantly and is equally as important as prioritising work ergonomics when planning for a people-centric working environment. Noise often leads to slouching and sleepiness, directly impacting their postures. Excessive noise pollution causes migraines and headaches.

Studies have shown that employees working in noisy working environments often suffer from tiredness and lack of concentration, resulting in retaining less information. Ensuring that there is sufficient acoustic furniture reduces or even blocks out unwanted noise, thus leading to less frustration and headaches and reducing employee sick days.

3. Concentration

Your employees are able to focus better on their work when there is little to no background noise and external distractions. Free-standing acoustic screens or mobile office screens are some key corporate furniture that can reduce noise pollution while creating a flexible space in an open office concept. They usually come in a wide variety of materials to allow an easy match with your office theme.

4. Visuals

Acoustic furniture is great visual addition. Besides blocking off unwanted noise from the surroundings, they offer beautifying and stylish factors to the office space. Acoustic panels come in various forms, from wall mounted to ceiling-mounted ones, creating a unique textural feature for any office space interior design. Besides just boosting the office acoustics and absorbing sound, they also heighten the overall look of your commercial office design, stimulating your employees.


Sound is a vital consideration when planning for your office renovation design. The incorporation of acoustic furniture with other office furniture is a practical and streamlined solution that boosts privacy, visuals, and comfort for your employees’ working environment. If you are looking to incorporate such an aspect in your office design, then look no further than OSCA Asia.

We are one the best commercial interior design firms in Singapore, specialising in creating offices that are employee-first. Our past portfolio has seen us bringing clients’ visions into award-winning, artistic realities. We ensure that our office designs are practical and favour your office’s well-being. Interested in working with us? Find out how we can help you at today!

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