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At OSCA, our focus is on producing new ideas and fresh concepts that exceed client expectations. Our multi award-winning services have been engaged by some of the top firms across Asia and globally for whom only the best is good enough. Our philosophy is to produce individualised designs that not only reflect our clients and their brand, but also helps enrich lives. 
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Just Hire One Firm To Design & Build Your Commercial Space

To design and build a commercial space from scratch is no understatement. It involves thorough planning and proper coordination between you and the design company in order to achieve a timely and well-budgeted project. Additionally, the choice of approaches you make as you go ahead with the construction play a huge role in the project’s success. Many might source for different companies to handle various individual aspects of the project. But why do so when you can just engage a single company that offers an all-in-one design to build solution?

Below are four key reasons why you should seriously consider engaging a single company to help design and build your commercial space.

1. Uniform Universal Vision

When engaging just a single company to handle every aspect of creating your dream commercial build, you are ensured a uniform approach in all aspects of the project. The issue of engaging a variety of construction professionals and contractors to manage individual elements of the project is that each of the companies will have its way of handling situations. With different companies comes conflicting interest, which could result in unwanted issues and concerns. When you work with just a single company that offers an all-in-one solution, you are assured that everything is done up according to your brand’s vision, design plans, and preferences.

2. Effective Communication

A lot can happen during a commercial space project. You have design plans to discuss, budgets to consider, renovation scheduling to approve, and many other significant decisions that you are involved in. Instead of having to work out all these considerations with multiple companies during the project, having one main key point of contact eliminates any unwanted communicative issues. A company that offers all-in-one solutions is in control of your commercial space from start to end. Hence you only have to communicate with the key designer in charge. Whether you need to make some slight changes or have any inquiries, you know who to call, and you are assured an effective communication.

3. Efficient Scheduling

We understand that it can be a huge logistical nightmare to coordinate multiple companies, contractors, and vendors. Hence, OSCA Asia provides a design to build solution. With our all-in-one renovation solutions, you need not worry about the scheduling process. You will not have to worry about making sure that one company completes their task on time so the other vendor can start on the set date. Everything pertaining to the project will be well-managed by us, ensuring that deadlines are met.

4. Stress-free

All in all, designing and building a commercial space definitely comes with a certain level of stress. We understand the importance of achieving a commercial space that not only reflects your brand’s vision but also allows your employee to work enjoyably. You would want to ensure the project deadline is met, budgets are kept to cost, as well as your visions become a reality. When you minimise the number of individuals involved in the creation of your commercial space, you are able to foster cohesion. When there is a cohesive environment, resulting stress will be minimised, making the project’s process a lot more enjoyable overall.


As a commercial and office interior design firm in Singapore, we understand the importance of a space that reflects your vision. Hence, we offer all-in-one commercial space solutions that transform an already efficient and functional space by injecting the element of ‘fun’ into functionality. For a stress-free and efficient commercial space build and design project, contact us at to find out more!

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