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Key Design Elements That Instantly Elevate Your Office

Detail is the key when it boils down to designing a productive and conducive working environment. Whether you are redesigning your current office space or just bought an empty office space and are doing a complete office interior renovation, creating such a working environment does not necessarily require a total design overhaul.

Often, inexpensive, straightforward, and simple changes to the office interior design may be what you need to create a conducive and productive office. If you are looking for office interior design services in Singapore that will motivate your staff and impress your guests, here are six key design elements that we recommend that will instantly elevate your office.

1. Green Spaces

As many spaces around the world are focusing on sustainability, combined with the need to consider the future of workspaces in a post-pandemic world, you can do so by adding green corners or biophilic designs into your working environment. Such designs incorporate natural elements, such as natural light, greenery, and natural materials, to boost overall well-being and productivity.

2. Feature Wall

A feature wall would be ideal for your office front desk or concierge. A feature wall serves a variety of purposes in a commercial office design. It can function as a branding backdrop that welcomes your guests when they arrive in your office, a space to project your corporate values and visions to build unity among your employees, or as a photo wall. Either way, a feature wall is the focal point of your workspace.

3. Homely Interior

Long gone are companies and brands going for traditional-looking workplaces with rows of cubicles. Choosing the right design that best matches your brand’s values and working style helps your employees to feel more at home, fostering a cosier and more welcoming workspace in which your employees can work and socialise. You can achieve so by including lounge furniture, such as bean bags, soft sofas, and warm colour-tone rugs to create a modern living-room-like design.

4. Lighting

Similar to your homes, lighting plays a huge role in affecting the productivity of your office. It can significantly affect the ambience and mood in the workplace. For example, prolonged exposure to intense, brightly-lighted fluorescent lamps may cause your employees to experience tired, sore eyes. Hence, using warm lighting results in fewer eye strains as well as a cosy and inviting environment.

5. Double-Glazed Glass Partition Walls

Many brands and companies are going for open office concepts. However, many also want to have privacy. Hence, a great way to have a clear, distinct space yet enjoy openness is to use double-glazed glass partitions. By using the double-glazed glass, you not only are able to build around an open plan, but you also encourage natural light into the office. In addition, there are some double-glazed glass partition walls that also are sound-proof, allowing greater privacy, especially when you are hosting a meeting.

6. Sound control

Beyond wanting your office space to look aesthetically pleasing so that your employees and guests feel comfortable, you will also want to ensure that it is practical too. In most offices, the number one distraction that causes a reduction in productivity and conduciveness is noise. Hence, acoustic control is a crucial design element to note. Minor additions to the workplace, such as carpets, plants, and working pods, help to reduce unnecessary noise that may be distracting.


Designing your office need not be exclusive to just aesthetics and affordability. Putting your employees’ well-being and knowing what makes a welcoming office is also crucial. As such, do consider the above design elements in your design plans.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an office space designer, then do consider OSCA Asia. We are an office interior design company that deals with corporate office interior designs as well as commercial office interior designs in Singapore and the surrounding region. Our design flow starts with understanding your brand’s value and working style. Visit to discover our past clientele, as well as contact us to let us help you achieve a productive and conducive workplace.

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