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Modern Office Design: Fitting Into The Era Of New Work

In today’s modern office era, employees are placing higher demands on their employers about their working environment. Offices are no longer just their workplace but also places where employees congregate, motivating and offering them an avenue for creative thinking and solutions.

In this new era of new work, how does a modern office design look functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time? In this article, we will discover how to achieve so.

What is new work?

New work is the epitome of structural work change, with the new keyword being freedom. New work is all about bringing leadership to eye level, with fewer to-do lists and more appreciation. It is more than having an open-floor office design or hybrid work culture. Neither is it just about freeing hierarchy.

New work involves staff-centric leadership and work, taking into account balancing a common level of interests. It is about freeing up space and finding new ways to encourage development and creativity.

What makes an office design modern?

Office design has evolved in many different ways, especially since the post-Corona era. Companies’ leaders are asking themselves how they can adapt to the evolved working mindsets and needs of their companies. To achieve so, we can turn our eyes to great examples, such as Google Offices.

The goal of a modern office design for the era of new work is to establish a feel-good vibe so that staff enjoy coming to work in the office. It also means that modern office design has to take into account both the mental and physical aspects of their employees, building a behaviour-centric approach. By doing so, companies are able to achieve the ideal work-life balance in the workplace.

The secret to ensuring great balance is flexibility, featuring a variety of modern office furniture, meeting niches, and communication options that every employee can enjoy. To do so, you first need to discern the size of your company, the structure of your office, and the type of work processes your company employs.

A modern office design is now characterised by the fact that both scientific findings from ergonomics and occupational science, as well as each employee’s wishes and well-being, are well integrated. For example, ergonomic office furniture, beautiful floras, and a more homely flair help to implement a modern office design for a new work era.

Furnishings for a new work era

Suppose you spend at least eight hours in the office; comfort is a vital element to consider. Modern office designs that are homely and functional help their employees achieve great satisfaction in going to the office to work. The use of relaxed sofa corners combined with comfortable lounge areas opens up opportunities for employees to switch from work to take a short break when necessary. A homely and comfortable office environment also helps to promote satisfaction and creativity among employees.

In today’s era, healthy office elements are a must. Furniture such as adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are highly recommended so that employees are able to stay healthy. Additionally, green elements help maintain humidity levels and keep the climate and air cool and clean.

Not only that, achieving a well-balanced colour interplay of floors, walls, and furniture is vital to creating a modern, homely office design. Bright colours promote creativity, while more subtle ones promote calmness.

In the new work era, there is an increased focus on collaboration. Hence, teamwork must be a vital consideration. Consequently, this also means that your choice of office furniture must be tailored towards collaborative work. Elements such as acoustic pods, large meeting tables, and free-standing media units can help your employees share work and ideas with one another.

Why is modern office design vital?

In the new age of new work and especially after the recent pandemic, the office has become more than just a place for work. It has become a communication centre and a meeting place where different minds gather, exchanging ideas, even if they are not for work.

A well-established modern office design that is coherent allows cooperative work to take place. If you are looking to boost your willingness and motivation to perform, then a modern office design would be a thing to consider. Additionally, an image-enhancing office design creates a competitive edge that is able to attract and retain key talents.

Aspects of modern office designs

The world of working is always evolving, perhaps more so today than before. The era of digitisation changes where and how people work. Companies that are looking to keep up and stay ahead of the competition need to implement office concepts that promote creativity and openness. Open-floor offices are increasingly becoming relics of the past.

So, what should you have in a modern office design?

1. Smart office

Modern office designs are mostly smart offices, relying on smart technologies that enable economic and efficient use of the office so that employees’ performance is strengthened. Smart offices also are flexible such that the space can adapt to various needs, from creating focus zones to lighting controls for better work environments and energy savings.

2. Desk sharing

In the new work era, desk sharing is becoming increasingly popular. Long gone are fixed workstations. Even personal items are to be kept in lockers such that you only take them out when you are in the office.

3. Reversible office

Probably one of the most promising models of modern office design, reversible offices are known for maximising flexibility. Reversible offices are designed in a manner that allows quick and efficient reconfiguration for various tasks and teams. Hence, offices must keep the number of fixed walls to a minimum. Rather, installing a partition system that can be installed and removed when necessary create group and individual spaces for teamwork, meetings, or focused task.


At the end of the day, no matter what design choice you have in mind for your office, it is vital that the fundamental essence of it is built around the employees that work for you tirelessly. Modern office designs catering for the new work era help to align office values and designs with one another while considering the general well-being of the employees.

Indispensable when considering office renovation designs in Singapore: Engaging experienced commercial interior design firms that understand the importance of a healthy working environment and are able to translate the company’s values into reality.

At OSCA Asia, we offer award-winning design solutions that cater to your company’s value as well as employees’ wants and needs. For more information on what we can do for your office design, do not hesitate to contact us at today!

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