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Movable Glass Partitions: Using Them In Your Office Design

Modern office designs are rarely static. Various factors, such as personnel shifts and business needs, all contribute to moves, adds, and changes. As we enter the era of new work, especially after the recent pandemic, what worked well before may not necessarily work in the current era.

Movable glass partitions support cost-effective and quick reconfiguration to accommodate such shifts in work style with minimal disruptions, fitting ideally into mixed-use office designs.

There was a moment in commercial office designs where open floor plan was all the rage. Many companies wanted large open spaces with minimal enclosed offices. Interior walls and partitions were almost non-existent. While it is still popular now as an open floor plan promotes collaboration and teamwork, the need for enclosed options is back as employees are looking for avenues to concentrate and focus on their work, with the occasional need for confidentiality and privacy.

The inspiration behind movable glass partitions

Many office space interior design concepts involve a great deal of creativity as well as accommodating a changing work style. Movable glass partitions encourage collaboration by enabling it to be a choice rather than a need.

The idea behind movable glass partitions is one that allows employees to gather together in a relaxed and inviting setting when teamwork and collaboration are necessary and an enclosed, smaller private area when an employee needs some form of solitude.

Uses of glass movable glass partitions

Some more obvious uses are creating private, enclosed spaces for employees to handle more confidential work materials or creating varying-sized conference rooms for private phone calls and meetings. For example, using frosted glass partitions allow a degree of natural or surrounding light to enter the space yet provides a level of privacy. Double-glazed glass partitions use two sheets of bonded glass to provide a degree of sound insulation, stifling the echoing sounds of conversations, typing, as well as movements outside the enclosed space.

Here are some design tips to help you incorporate movable glass partitions to maximise their potential.

1. Reimagine how workspaces can be separated

The ideal dividing of office space does not have to be walls. Incorporating glass partitions, especially movable ones, can help to open up your office space, keeping your employees visually connected with the rest of the office without converting to a completely open floor plan.

You may even want to consider using operable wall types, such as operable glass panel systems, acoustic panels with fabrics, customised company logos, or customised acoustic panels with laminate to keep your collaborative areas from impeding on private, quiet areas. There is also an increasing use of green walls to help promote good air quality in the office, reduce surrounding noise, and boost well-being.

2. Make office spaces customisable on demand

The thing about fixed open spaces is that while it promotes collaboration, it decreases the opportunity for private meetings or conversations. Hence, using modular, movable partitions and furniture that can be reconfigured and moved to support various employees’ needs and activities are ways to make your office layout plan customisable on demand.

3. Design for various meeting types and sizes

Enclosed spaces should be offered to support various meeting types and sizes. Movable glass partitions allow the flexibility to create meeting rooms or extending smaller meeting rooms into bigger ones to accommodate a larger group when needed. You can also turn them into individual training set-ups for workshops, converting the meeting room tables into smaller training tables.

Alternatively, when such rooms are not necessary during usual working days, movable glass partitions allow for the flexibility to open up the space into event spaces or town halls for the company as well as guests to relax in.


The shift in working styles and nature in the office means a great need for mobility. If you are looking to retain key talents in your company, you must consider how to provide for changing behaviours and needs in an agile and lean way. That means offering more dependence on social networks, optimising the use of geographically scattered groups, and incorporating a variety of workspaces outside and within your office building.

The right office planning also takes into consideration varying departmental needs. For example, concentrated and quiet roles, such as writing or accounting, will have varying needs from those working in human resources or sales. With movable glass partitions, you are able to foster the right working environment for different needs yet maintain an open concept whenever you want to encourage teamwork.

Here at OSCA, we take pride in providing office renovation design that incorporates innovative and new design elements. Being one of the leading commercial interior design firms in Singapore, our award-winning design solutions enhance your business’s core values and brands, ensuring that your workspace will be a treat for employees and clients alike. Contact us to find out how we can help you today!

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