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The Future Of Floor Designs In The Modern Workplace

When walking into an office, the first thing that will help you notice the company’s culture is the ambience, environment, and mood created by the office interior design. Ensuring such a vibe impacts your employees’ emotional and physical connection to their workplace positively, which leads to significant work performances and results.

Today, more important than ever, employers should focus on providing their employees with a desirable work destination that encourages positive and safe interaction between people in a post-pandemic society. Office spaces should be designed with purposeful intention and specifications. Modern companies slowly understand that communication and collaboration must be encouraged in an effective office design to optimise efficiency.

With this focus in mind, we have compiled some future floor design trends that can help you achieve the tone that some of the best interior designs for office spaces have.

Punchy patterns

The recent couple of years has been filled with uncertainty. Moving past this and into the future, we see the need for visually impactful interactions and connections that are impressive and decisive – leaving little room for uncertainty and ambiguity.

Punchy patterns are the way to go. The bold shapes and dynamic textures feature expressive patterns and dramatic curves that can instantly energise the workplace. When used with solid neutrals office furniture, they instantly balance out the space while maintaining the floor design’s exciting punch of interest.

Colour impact

The theory of colours must be utilised effectively in order to be able to influence the overall company’s mood and productivity positively. From furnishings to floors and walls, selecting the right colour palette is an intentional decision. Here are a couple of powerful tones we see in modern workplaces and that we also expect to see in future workplaces.

  • Goodbye shades of grey: Long gone are traditional office flood design mindsets where grey is used. Warm neutral tones, such as sand, linen, and oatmeal, help to bring comfort to the space while connecting your employees to nature.

  • The ideal shade of blue: Blue is a colour that provides calmness, tranquillity, and focus. If you are looking into creating or redesigning your breakroom for your employees to destress and relax, then blue is a fitting tone.

In the zone

The rise and need for hybrid work zones will require office interior designers to prioritise focus corners, collaborative spaces, and flexible spaces for various needs. Modern employees are looking to have plenty of working space options for focusing on their own or for group meetings. They are also looking for spaces that are open yet private and promote impromptu or intentional interactions and connections.

For collaborative spaces, modular, flexible seating styles that offer adaptation or expansion depending on individual preferences are a must. Cosy sofas make the workspace more inviting and approachable so that interactions between employees can happen naturally. For individuals seeking more private connections and conversations or avoiding any potential distractions, nooks or private booths are ideal.


Employees’ needs and mental health is a rising focus among many workplaces. And the floor design of a workplace can either help them detract from or thrive in their great potential. No matter whether they are a neurotypical or neurodiverse type of employees, they will definitely benefit from a working environment that is able to energise collaborative interactions and calm their minds for concentration during deep work.

If you are looking to conduct an office interior renovation, then look no further than OSCA Asia. We are a corporate and commercial interior design firm with many years of experience helping companies achieve their dream space. We believe that an employee-focused design is crucial in supporting the overall health of the company.

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