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Why Businesses Must Strengthen Their Brand Identity

Business success is often affiliated with strong brand identity. Effective branding is imbued in how well you convey the core values of organization and what distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors'. In essence, what makes you the better choice for consumers?

Project: RGF Singapore (Image courtesy of OSCA)

Establishing a unique brand identity

In order to gain a sizeable initial foothold in the marketplace, your brand image planning must begin from the inception of your business. How you want your clients and competitors to view your organization should underpin your organization's brand identity. Whether you are adventurous and creative or ambitious yet dependable, you need to communicate the qualities that best suit your business.

Branding and business value

Increased business visibility effectively gives rise to a steady stream of clients who are inclined to do business with a company they are well-acquainted with. This can be attributed to the higher perceived equity that comes from having a strong brand identity.

More crucial to your brand success is the ability to form an emotional connection with your customers. Individuals often align with brands they feel reflect their identity. A brand that symbolises desire, ambition and hope is likely to draw an audience with similar inclinations.

By embodying these qualities, you are indicating to consumers that you resonate with their resolute, effectively forging a significant relationship between both parties. This gives you impetus to position yourself as a customer-centric brand that strives to help customers achieve their goals.

In this scenario, the strong emotional attachment between your brand and its consumers helps to increase sales and retain the loyalty of your existing clientele, who actively seek out your products and services as it aligns with their personal values and beliefs.

Apple is an example of an effective practitioner at emotional branding. The perception of higher quality through strong branding accounts for the greater loyalty, demand and price premium of Apple's hardware products compared to that its competitors', despite boasting similar features and functionality.

At the same time, a well-established brand can further drive referral business through word of mouth, thereby increasing revenue along with profits.

Employee engagement and branding

An effective brand strategy may be the hallmark of a successful business but this cannot happen without its employees functioning as the backbone of the company. That said, having a strong organizational presence can engender a more productive workforce.

Your employees are likely to have more faith and truly stand behind an established brand, where they are passionate in the work they do and are proud of the company they represent. This in turn increase their job satisfaction, resulting in significant productivity boosts.

Working in an office that reflects your brand also strengthen employee engagement by promoting their sense of belonging in the company. This can be achieved through the strategic incorporation of your company logo along with motifs and colours that represent your brand throughout the workplace.

A reputable and financially stable company simultaneously attracts top talents which comes full circle in ensuring business prosperity into the future.

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