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Shipping Through the Ocean

As one of the largest shipping leasing companies in the world, SEACO wanted their new office space in Singapore to reflect this achievement. The resulting design borrows heavily from the brand's distinct colour scheme.

Pops of red can be seen in multiple elements throughout the space including on booth seat, pantry cabinets and ceiling pipes in a nod to the company's trademark bright red text logo. To strengthen its corporate identity, the exterior meeting room walls are also painted with the distinct navy-blue hue of SEACO's containers. 


The featured walls behind the reception area and the exterior partitions of the meeting rooms are incorporated to resemble the corrugated structures commonly seen on shipping vessels. This primarily illustrates the company's background and products upon entering the office space.

To evoke the essence of open waters in the office design, parallel carpet tiles in different shades of gray and blue were strategically placed in specific areas, including the main working space. The white open ceiling with red pipes conveys the ambiance of being inside an engineer's cabin on a ship, while the open concept area symbolizes SEACO's abundance of opportunities, mirroring the vast sea.




13,000 SQFT


12 Weeks

SEACO - Entrance & Reception
SEACO - Phone Booth
SEACO - Pantry area
SEACO - General Working Area
SEACO - Breakout Area
SEACO - Pantry
SEACO - Boardroom
SEACO - Breakout Area
SEACO - Pantry
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