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SKF Asia 


From Industrial into the ErgonomicWorkspace

SKF Asia specializes in manufacturing bearing products. By occupying an entire floor in an industrial building, they aimed to separate the production area from the office zone. The primary project objective was to create a welcoming and warm environment for employees and convey to visitors that they have entered the SKF office.

Upon entering the workplace, clients can immediately view showcased products along the walkway, designed for client meetings.

SKF Asia's open workspace design efficiently utilizes available space, particularly in the breakout and pantry area, which serves as the office's focal point, offering various seating options for cross-departmental gatherings and relaxation.


Continuing our drive to foster activity-based environments, our designer introduced a blend of larger conference rooms for formal meetings and compact phone booths for private, personalized workspaces, away from distractions.

Regarding aesthetics, visitors will observe a consistent royal blue theme in the office, aligning with the company's brand palette. This hue prominently stands out in the vibrant blue accent wall within the pantry area and the decorative wooden ceiling panels.



Bearing Manufacturer


18,000 SQFT


16 Weeks

SKF - Reception Area
SKF - Meeting Room
SKF - Breakout Area
SKF - General Working Area
SKF - Showcase Pathway
SKF - Pantry
SKF - Breakout Area
SKF - Phone Booth
SKF - Breakout Area
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