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SKF Asia 


SKF Asia's open concept demonstrates the importance of effectively utilising all the available space to enhance the office. This is best reflected in the breakout cum pantry area, which also happens to be the highlight of the office, where staff are presented with a number of seating options from high top communal tables and chairs to comfortable lounge seating.


That specific part of the workplace was exclusively designed for employees across different departments to convene for casual discussions about work or simply to relax and unwind. 


In another move to promote activity-based spaces, our designer also incorporated a combination of larger conference rooms to hold formal meetings along with compact phone booths conductive for those seeking a move private and personalised space away from the distractions. 

Aesthetic-wise, visitors will notice that royal blue is a recurring theme throughout the office space as it represents company's brand palette. The colour is most prominently featured in the vibrant blue accent wall in the pantry area and the decorative wooden panels that hang from the ceilings. 

Reception Area
Showcase Pathway
Meeting Room
Breakout Area
Breakout Area
Breakout Area
Breakout Area
Discussion Area
Isolation Rooms


SKF Asia


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