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Brain New, AI

The design intent is to create a modern, yet industrial look and feel which was inspired by their area of business - engineering. In order to recreate an industrial setting, bare-looking materials such as wood and concrete were applied liberally was separated into two distinct sections - the client-facing area and the general workspace. 


In line with the firm's culture of collaboration and discussion, walls located in the general workspace are installed with glass writing board for employees to share and exchange ideas. Meanwhile, the pantry area is designed to be casual and spacious, as it doubles up as a meeting room for clients as well as a casual and spacious, as it double up as a meeting room for clients as well as a casual working space for staff. The windows that flank the general office areas are strategically inculcated to face the outdoor garden in the office building. Bar-height tables and chairs are placed against the windows to serve as another casual working space, where staff can work and enjoy the soothing view at the same time. 


An issue gleaned in the project design has to do with the high exposed ceilings, which can cause echoes throughout the office. To rectify this, soft furnishings such as carpet and wallpaper were used in an effort to reduce the echo levels. In addition. enclosed office rooms such as the director rooms and phone booths were fitted with closed ceiling that are lower in height, instead of wide-open ones.


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